Experience It!

The Social Brain

by Gerald Epling The human brain is a busy place.  Most of our thoughts and lots of our experiences are combined over time with the help of the brain.  Our brain engages in huge amounts of unconscious activity, and some consciousness thought as well.  Whatever the... read more

Two minute memory

by Gerald Epling Is it possible for memory to increase over time after you have seen something or someone?  The short answer is, “yes”.  The long answer teaches us something about how we are put together and how the mind works. In order to get at the... read more

Living in the field of Earth

by Gerald Epling One way to find out if something is important to you is to remove that thing from your world.  If the absence makes no difference then maybe it wasn’t necessary at all.  How could you find out if something like the electromagnetic field of the Earth... read more

Earth as Home

by Gerald Epling The energy that comes to us from the sun warms us, and nourishes the land and seas with photon energy so that green things can grow.  This solar energy interacts with our home based electromagnetic field.  The field that surrounds us and emanates from... read more

Experience It!

by Gerald Epling Who and what we experience changes us in ways that are sometimes fleeting, sometimes long lasting, and often somewhere in between. If changes in thoughts are combined with changes in conscious and unconscious perceptions, then the body will change. ... read more