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by Gerald Epling

Tuesday morning, I was up at 5:25 am.  Ten minutes later, a distant sound arose all around me and enveloped the area.  The rafters began creaking, and the floor vibrated rhythmically up and down and sideways.  Interesting morning!  That must have been an earthquake.

While listening to the channel 5 news, one of the reporters announced that it was a magnitude 4.3 earthquake.  The epicenter was identified as just a few miles northeast from where I stood watching the news.  Interesting.  This was the first time that I was close enough to an epicenter to hear the earthquake pulse and rumble from below.

This was an opportunity to record the magnetic fields shortly after an earthquake.

Observing the magnetic fields of the Earth in this area of Oklahoma, I have wondered about the similarities and differences between the magnetic fields of Sedona, and Edmond Oklahoma.

The frequency of the rhythmic earth-signal is very similar in Edmond, Oklahoma and Sedona, Arizona.  However, the angle that the field presents itself is different.  In Sedona, the field comes directly out of the ground.  In the Edmond, Oklahoma area the signal comes at an angle of about 45 degrees up from the flat horizon.

The frequency of the magnetic waves is abut 0.27 Hz.  Curiously, this is in the range of delta brain waves.  Delta rhythms (0.2 Hz. to 3.5 Hz.) are associated with sleep and regeneration that comes with a good night’s rest.  At the upper end of the range, we tend to have dreams.  When the brain is experiencing the lower end of the range, there is only deep, dreamless rest.  Many restorative activities occur in deep sleep.

Here are three graphs constructed from micro Tesla readings of the natural magnetic field emanating from the Earth in Edmond, Oklahoma.  The signal in Edmond comes from different directions than the similar signal found in Sedona.  Notice that the signal from the South is almost a straight line with small divergences up and down.  20 seconds of data are shown in each graph.









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