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by Gerald Epling

The energy that comes to us from the sun warms us, and also nourishes plants and other life on the land, and in the sea.  This solar energy interacts with our home based electromagnetic fields.  Through it all there is a field that surrounds us and emanates from the Earth providing us with a clock like rhythm.  Without this rhythm we would become disoriented and our health would likely decline.  We are Earth people.

Because much of the daily rhythm that we enjoy is tied to gentle magnetic fields that come to us from within the Earth, it is a good idea to pay attention to those fields.  The intrnal rhythm of the Earth shows up in different ways at different points on the globe.  In many places the Earth’s magnetic field shows a peak about every 4.18 seconds.  In Sedona, at the Airport Vortex Trail, this rhythmic magnetic field comes straight out of the Earth, at an angle of about 90 degrees from the surface.  In one location that is more central to the lower 48 states, the field appears at an angle of about 45 degrees from the surface of the earth.  This electromagnetic rhythm looks like this:


The pulses shown in this graph are about 4.18 seconds apart.  The frequency is about the same in Sedona, and Edmond, Oklahoma.  The signal fits nicely inside a border of ten micro-Tesla, which is one-tenth of a Gauss.

The direction of the magnetic field energy in Edmond is about a 45 degrees off of any horizontal, table like surface.  Why are the angels different?  What does it mean to experience different angles?  These are open questions.

People who have a personal understanding of the field in Sedona suggest that it has some positive effects.  For me, the energy in Sedona felt good and positively stimulating as it touched my feet.

In measuring the field at Sedona, the best place that I found to take measurements was right on the surface of the ground.  Move the instrument up a few feet and the signal was lost.  There is something about the uncovered earth and rocks in this area that is worth experiencing and preserving.

Here are some photos of readings being taken at Sedona.  Notice how the tablet, which was recording the magnetic field rhythm is lying flat on the ground.  The field at Sedona comes straight up and out of the Earth.


Here is a view of the screen showing 8 pulses in about 33 seconds.  The signal can be seen on a micro Tesla scale.